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    DCS 2.5 HOTFIX 1

    DCS 2.5.0 
    HOTFIX 1

    • Fixed crash on loading mission with Bf-109 in VR mode.
    • Fixed CTD in "A-10C Sturmovik" campaign mission 1.
    • Fixed corrupted font in kneeboard.
    • The Grace Period will be granted even if DRM Server is down.
    • Fixed login issue in Steam version.
    • Fixed crash on mark panels added by scripting engine.
    • Ground unit will not shoot at targets if a friendly unit is behind target, in the firing line.
    • Flak 37 will not shoots below the target at short ranges.
    • Corrected sound of controllable ground unit in the cruise control mode.
    • Now you can delete missions or tracks with Delete key in the Mission and Track open panels.
    • Fixed CTD when static object destroyed by scripting engine or AI unit.
    • Changed tainted files checking logic.
    • NS430 - Arrivals should only appear once in the popup scroll window, transitions are chosen separately.
    • NS430 - popup window interferes with night vision goggles and has odd visual artifacts.
    • NS430 - GPS incorrectly activates flight plan when arriving at direct-to destination not in the plan.
    • Fixed launch type of AGM-84A.
    • UH-1H UN Pilot campaign. Fixed CTD in final mission.
    • CA. BMP-3. Corrected main sight appearance after switch to secondary and tun back.
    • Operation Piercing Fury Update to Mission 2 & 4.

    We are working hard towards a memory leak solution.

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