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    Development Update: Game Update 9

    The server will be taken down on August 11th, 2017 at 8 AM PST/10 AM CST/11 AM EST/3 PM GMT in order to push Game Update 9 onto Omega.


    • A brand new quest line has been added which leads to the first World Boss on Endor
    • A new World Boss kill collection has been added which will be expanded upon in further updates
    • All nine corvette instances have been enabled
    • Several changes to Jump to Lightspeed will further enhance the gameplay experience
    • Resource usage for beastmaster consumables has been reduced
    • The Shock Collar is now available to loot from the Undead Rancor
    • Healing in Restuss will once again grant Commendations
    • AFK looting in the Death Watch Bunker will no longer be permitted

    We know that everyone is eager for the expertise update, and while we have made tremendous progress on updating each profession, the changes are not yet ready for Omega. Stay tuned for more information in the next weeks. Additionally, the No-Trade revamp has not been forgotten, and will also be released in the near future!

    The complete patch notes for Game Update 9 can be found below.

    The painting “The Golden God” has been added as a publish gift and will be available to all characters until the next update.

    As a reward for our Facebook page reaching 2,000 likes, the C-3PO Bobblehead has been added to the claim window. It can be claimed once-per-character.

    New encounters await the galaxy's most daring adventurers. Form groups, seek out these world bosses, and defeat them for a chance at rare loot, badges, and collections.

    The first of these encounters has been added in this update - see below for more information and be sure to follow along as we add more world bosses in future updates. Players who defeat all of them will get a special reward!

    To begin your new adventure find the camp of Jahdav Liram, an old ranger, on Corellia (39 3299). Earn his trust and he might just tell you about these new and dangerous encounters.

    Read our Friday Feature from 08/04/2017 for more information on the new Ranger quest line.

    After years of searching for the elusive Gorax Matriarch, members of the Federation of Galactic Explorers (FGE) have finally found what they believe to be a mating ground in a vale in the far eastern mountains on Endor. 

    Little is known about the Matriarch beyond the rumors of her extreme deadliness. The FGE has issued a warning to anyone attempting to find her to go with a very well equipped group.


    • All Imperial, Rebel, and Neutral corvette instances have been enabled once again
    • All NPCs, objects, and badges have been fixed and are working properly


    • Collision damage has been added to the following objects:
    • All space stations
    • Large asteroids (mining asteroids not included)
    • All capital ships (corvettes, frigates, Star Destroyers)
    • Player gunboats
    • The 3 starter ships and the yacht are immune to collision damage
    • Pilots can now initiate the docking command and board other players multi-crew vessels.
    • This will include any passengers and can only be done if the two ships are in the same group.
    • Taking the Kessel High Tier Pirate Duty mission from Dathomir Station will send you to Kessel where you'll face off against new tier 6-8 ships, rewards have been updated to reflect the increased risk
    • The Kessel High Tier duty missions can also be done in groups (only one person needs to take the duty) with a higher payout (each group member will receive tokens), but also with an increased risk to encounter additional enemies; the mission will dynamically scale in difficulty to the number of players in the group
    • Some ship components have had their stats returned to Live values
    • The Droid Interface Scanning Tool now has double the chance to find flight plans or hyperspace chips
    • The Rihkxyrk Style 1, 2, 3, and 4 ships now use a cube collision instead of a sphere.
    • Changed the collision for the Ixiuyen ships to use a cube instead of a sphere.
    • SOE’s PVP damage reduction against POBs and gunboats has been re-applied
    • Gunboats, Heavy Cruisers and Corvette’s now have an increased chance to drop loot. They will multiply your chance of looting a part by their level (a Tier 2 will have two rolls, Tier 3 will have three, etc.). This can result in multiple drops per kill.


    • The Dantooine Force Sensitive Cave has been populated once again
    • Due to multiple escape attempts, the Imperial Prison on Dathomir has received some reinforcements
    • Ewoks have returned to their various villages on Endor
    • The /spacefaction command now works with all squadrons
    • Mission terminals at the Rori Rebel Outpost and in player cities have been fixed
    • Healing in Restuss PvP once again awards Commendations
    • Entertainers will now be able to buff within the taverns on Endor, Rori and Yavin IV
    • Socketed Mandalorian armor belts will now accept attachments - this change is retroactive
    • Harvesters destroyed from lack of maintenance will now properly refund lots
    • The Admin List on the Player City Cloning Centre is now functioning correctly
    • Decorations in the Player City Cloning Centre can now be placed and moved successfully
    • CorSec Customs agents have reopened the Vreni Island shuttle port and are once again allowing private citizens to travel there.
    • Chronicle loot is now disabled when you are grouped with a droid
    • In an effort to reduce galactic waste, recyclers will once again offer the option to switch resource types
    • Cybernetic arm abilities will now fire even if an appearance item is covering it
    • Mark I concussion missiles are now crafted using the metric system, allowing for them to fit properly in Mark I concussion missile launchers.
    • The Rebel Tier 5 mercenary missions from Lok Space Station now correctly spawn Tier 5 Imperial ships
    • Tier 6-10 Ships have had their missing engine and weapon graphics corrected
    • Convoy ships will no longer be attackable by other players, unless they are grouped with the mission owner
    • Bug fix for storage increases on Gunboats, fixes an issue where increases were not being allowed to be added or removed
    • The distribution of resources has been adjusted, resulting in more being generated simultaneously
    • Excess Skaak Tipper Raiders have been fired and replaced with Skaak Tipper Crashers at the Skaak Tipper Bunker outside Deeja Peak
    • Duplicate spawns of Goretongue, a Minstyngar Thrasher on the Wroshyr Canopy, have been removed
    • Ubese Armor Bandoliers can now be equipped outside of the Appearance slot
    • Fix guildhall signs appearing slightly under the structure frame lines
    • Armorsmith and Droid Engineer parties are no longer allowed to loiter in the Death Watch Bunker once the Armorsmith or Droid Engineer has finished their work
    • Fix the display of Empire Day signs for various houses


    • The vents in the Quarantine Zone Bunker are finally reachable, even by Bothans!
    • Statement: We have fixed the power switch in the Old Republic Research Facility so we may terminate organic meatbags more easily
    • Quest: A Moral Choice - players can now interact with the power generator properly
    • Quest: A Chance Meeting - the missing Jawa has been found!
    • Jaleela Bindoo on Naboo and Amarent Loren on Corellia have been paid more and decided to finally make an appearance
    • After practicing in the mirror, Jano Bix can now find the right words to say when you speak to him
    • The Meatlumps have finally decided to use a proper encryption algorithm for their map puzzles
    • Blacksun Guards will now properly show up to the fight for the quest "Hunt the Black Sun Pirates" from Dravis
    • All previously broken escort/recover/rescue space duty missions are now working correctly


    • Quarantine Zone Officials have reluctantly reported that a shipment of beast control devices was lost within the quarantine zone. The Shock Collar is now available to loot from the Undead Rancor
    • To capitalize on the popularity of the Galactic Homeshow, the Galactic News Network is sponsoring an enhancement to the Standard Planetary Mapping System. Galactic Homeshow Winners will now be displayed on the Planetary Map
    • In an effort to properly catalogue galactic inhabitants, the Imperial Census Bureau and Galactic Archives Administration have released new data classifications for citizens. A new veteran reward will give each character a title to show which server they played on during Live
    • In an ongoing attempt to help combat Rebel incursions, the Galactic Empire has made additional military-grade equipment schematics available to crafters. Droid Engineers can now purchase the War Terminal as craftable schematic from the factional GCW vendor in Bestine, Dearic and Keren
    • The Galactic Trade Commision has received notification that a group known as the Meatlumps have acquired a shipment of new and interesting products. The Meatlump Rock Chair and the Painting of the Meatlump King have been added to the Meatlump Rewards Vendor
    • BBP Customer Notification: In a cooperative effort with medical scientists we have discovered a way to create a symbiotic link between pet and owner. Pets will automatically receive any medic buffs his handler has active
    • BBP Customer Notification: Through extensive research we have been able to reduce the resource cost of creature incubation. Resource usage for beastmaster sub-components and consumables have been reduced by 30%
    • Junk dealers around the galaxy have decided to provide kits even if you don't have junk to sell to them
    • After suffering heavy casualties, patrols in Ord Mantell have been assigned random flight paths to help counter ambushes
    • Ground credit chips can now be cashed in
    • The color representing Imperials in battlefield exports is now an easier-to-read navy blue
    • The Galactic Mining Consortium has worked with their engineers and found a way to increase the resource retrieval rate from harvesters, all registered harvesting equipment has received an update to its programming. You can now retrieve 1 million units of resources at once as the default setting
    • The Death Watch has enlisted the aid of the Galactic Empire to assist in ridding their Endorian bunker of interlopers. As a part of our ongoing effort to rework our AFK rules, AFK looting in the Death Watch Bunker will no longer be permitted
    • Added an option to enable a third toolbar (this can be found under Interface)
    • Added a group window format option (this can be found under Interface)
    • The TCG button has been removed from the side menu
    • The in-game browser is now functional again

    Thank you to all the players and senators who helped us identify some of these issues. We always appreciate community feedback as we work to expand and improve SWG:Legends.

    -SWG:Legends Staff


    Edited by Whiskeysim

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