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    Development Update: November Game Update

    The server will be taken down on November 27th, 2017 at 1 AM PST/4 AM CST/5 AM EST/10 AM GMT in order to push the November Update onto Omega.


    • The TIE/In is displayed correctly now when placed in a hangar
    • Advanced Armor Break will only apply a second stack on a successful hit
    • Spot A Sucker is now applied and displayed correctly in the skill sheet
    • Wald has finally got his clothing back
    • The Rebel Alliance has placed new recruiters in the cantinas in Moenia and Tyrena
    • Quarantine Zone Minor Boss Kill Collection now grants the correct badge to update the Deathtrooper Boss Collection
    • The Galactic Moon Festival vendor now sells the correct house signs
    • The display positions of the Galactic Moon Festival house signs have been corrected
    • Deconstructed armor will now keep its set bonus when recrafted (such as for hoth armor)


    • Stanic Wavingstar will be around in the Wayfar Cantina
    • Luthik Uwyr has reappeared


    • Shellfish resources now stack like all other resources do
    • The following weapons can now be deconstructed:
      • C-M Dead Bolt Pistol
      • Crusader Templar Sword
      • Crusader M-XII Pistol
      • Crusader M-XIII Carbine
      • Crusader M-XIV Rifle
    • Please note that only the following weapons currently have the re-crafting bonus:
      • The 'Nova Edge' Sword.
      • C-M Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun
      • Crusader M-XX Heavy Rifle
      • Crusader 'Templar' Sword


    • The GCW city invasion timer for Keren has been replaced on the planetary map
    • The player structure entry/admin/ban lists can now hold 100 entries instead of 50
    • With player structures characters on the banned list will now always be denied entrance even if their guild is allowed to enter the structure
    • The junk dealers around the galaxies have been reducing their prices for looted stims drastically
    • The chassis dealer will now be able to let you flag items as “no-sale”

    Thank you to the community for your continuous support. We always appreciate community feedback as we work to expand and improve SWG: Legends.

    -SWG: Legends Staff

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