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    *Life Day Approaches*

    Hey everyone,

    I hope you are all enjoying the festive time leading up to Christmas this year! Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I haven't! As you all know Life Day is a huge part of Star Wars and Star Wars Galaxies history and I’m really excited for you to take part in some of the festive celebrations in the lead up to December 25th. I’ve been super busy in real-life recently which has reduced the amount of time I could give in the past few weeks but I think you guys and girls are all really going to enjoy what's planned this year. 

    So, last week I was reading the project's facebook page and the massive amount of messages and comments you have all sent in of recommendations of items you’d like to see added to the Life Day festivities this year. Some of them slightly strange requests I must say?! *Chuckle* 
    However I’m really excited to show you a tease of a little something that is going to be added this year. I think you’ll like it and I know so many of you have wanted this added to the game for a long time. (This is just one of the new items, Kudos to the development team for making this possible!)


    (A Figrin Dann Life Day Jacket available this year)

    You are probably sat at your keyboard right now gulping after seeing that Jacket. It’s ok! I am. The launch date of Life Day will be revealed soon but here’s what you can expect this year...

    The 12 Days of Life Day. 
    Each day leading up to December 25th starting on Monday 11th December a Wookiee Life Day Elder and a bundle of presents will be hidden each day across TWO different planets. (Yes that means you are going to be searching planetary locations!) It’s up to you to find this Wookiee Elder and secure your Life Day victory by submitting a screenshot of your character at the hidden location of the Wookiee Elder and It’s bundle of presents. The Life Day celebrant that locates the Wookiee Elder and bundle of presents EACH DAY will be rewarded in the most beneficial way! Each day a different reward is available for that LUCKY player that locates the Wookiee Elder including a choice of ANY collection item, Biological Focus crystal and more sought after goodies. Each day one of you are going to be extremely lucky! (An additional announcement will be made to launch this Life Day event)

    Moments of Peace
    Princess Leia will arrive at the Life Day Grotto on Kashyyyk and take part in an ancient wookiee tradition with Iconic Star Wars characters, feel free to sing along. Perhaps each time she may decide to reward a lucky Life Day celebrant? Make sure you turn your in-game sound right UP.
    (An additional announcement will be made to launch this event)

    Ornament Arranging
    Join Princess Leia at the Life Day Grotto on Kashyyyk. The Ornaments on the Life Day tree haven’t been put on properly. Perhaps you should move around the tree and radial menu the ornaments to arrange them slightly better? Be careful they don’t fall on you! They are glass.
    (An additional announcement will be made to launch this Life Day event)

    Life Day Trivia
    Join Wookiee Life Day Elders on the third floor of the Great Tree at Kachiro for rounds of Life Day trivia during the Life Day period. Questions will be related to Star Wars Galaxies lore! Good luck! (An additional announcement will be made to launch this Life Day event)

    & much more!

    Finally, It wouldn’t be right of me to write this announcement and not mention the recent project staff departure of Aadi who was lead developer on the project for over a year. I can say from experience that SWG Legends became such a big thing over the period of a few months and nobody was expecting that. The project wouldn’t be where it is today without the countless free hours of dedication and love that she gave to the project through her amazing development skills, when events used to go pear-shaped she would always be the one to laugh about it. While I know some members in the community speculate as to why she left the project. I think It’s important to value and thank her for the amazing development skills she put into the project and I will definitely miss working in the team with her. 

    Thank you to everyone for the continued support for the project, It means everything to us.

    Happy Life Day.


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